About Olive

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Hi! I’m Olive.

Welcome to my gourmet life! I love to write about all things gourmet including my very favorite food group: PIZZA. I am a self admitted “pizza snob” and addict (they tried to make me go to rehab but I said no no no!) My favorite pizza is by far Garlic Jim’s Famous Gourmet Pizza and I love to gush about this delectable treat.

My personal philosophy is that every day should be a Gourmet Day. I think that having a Gourmet Day doesn’t mean you have to be wealthy or spend loads of money on expensive wine or dining on foie gras (if you aren’t familiar with foie gras, give it a Google, but I’m warning you, you beware!)  Nope, In fact, having a Gourmet Day is much more simple than one would think.  A Gourmet Day consists of really enjoying the simple pleasures in life rather than indulging excessively.  As I just mentioned, one of my favorite simple indulgences involve pizza.  Pizza may very well be the most perfect food in the universe and therefore it is essential to find a pizza restaurant that is awe-inspiring when you are in need of a quick pizza fix.  Why is pizza so perfect?  Well, there are so many reasons, and I will be going into more depth about these reasons in my posts. To consolidate for now, I will just express the obvious: Convenience, Complexity and Common Sense all wrapped up in one delightful circle.

As an enthusiast of all things gourmet, I of course grow my own garden which includes tomatoes, basil, oregano, onions and more.  Hmmm, what do these crops have in common?  Yes. Pizza of course.  Sometimes I make my own pizza and sometimes I just pick myself a nice salad and order up a mouthwatering Garlic Jim’s Pizza to go with it.  You see, living a Gourmet Life and having a Gourmet Day are about balance and enjoying something a little different each day.  sometimes that means cooking dinner exclusively from my organic garden and sometimes it means ordering out.

So whether you are lightly sautéing kale and heirloom tomatoes from your garden or ordering some satisfying take-out food, the most important part of having a Gourmet Day is that you take the time to enjoy what you are doing and eating.  Slow….. down. Put down the smart phone. Listen to the person you are with. Really taste your food. Stop and smell the roses (or pizza!) Just enjoy your life.

I hope you will join me every week with my observations, thoughts and stories about my Gourmet Life and my favorite pizza in the whole wide world- Garlic Jim’s.  I hope that you will send me stories about your Gourmet Life as well!

Ciao for now!


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