It’s the most Incredible time of the Year!



I live in the Pacific Northwest.  If you live in this area of the country or have ever lived through a Pacific Northwest winter, you know that it can be pretty wearisome.  Instead of cold crisp snowy winters, we get lots of grey.  And lots of drizzle.  Basically a lot of dark soggy days.

It would be really tough to make it through the winter up here if it were not for the holiday season.  Christmas lights literally light up dark evenings and with the help of some hot chocolate and other Christmas food indulgences, December transforms from dark and dreary to bright and merry.

Did I mention food indulgence? Of course I did – and starting today there is an incredible holiday food item to indulge in.  What type of food, you may wonder?

Yep. It’s pizza.  An Incredible Pizza, that is.

Garlic Jim’s rolled out its Incredible Holiday Wreath Pizza today and I was the first in line to try this object of holiday beauty.

The Incredible Holiday Wreath pizza is incredible for many reasons, but probably the best reason is that is actually looks like a wreath!  How did they get the hole in the middle of the pizza?  The nice young man at the Lynnwood Garlic Jim’s just smiled and said “It’s our secret”.  Well, that’s ok with me, because guess what was filling the middle of the hole? Candy canes!  What a lovely surprise!

Ok- now to the meat of this pizza.  Or should I say sausage?

The Incredible Holiday Wreath pizza features Garlic Jim’s special proprietary recipe made just for Garlic Jim’s!  After my no-luck inquisition regarding the construction of the wreath, I was a little shy about asking about the sausage ingredients- but I did anyway.  Again he gave me that secretive smile, but told me that what made Garlic Jim’s Italian sausage so delicious was a spice blend that was tested extensively to produce just the right amount of spice to warm you up but not to overpower. Well, I am here to tell you it does exactly that.  And it is so perfect for a Christmas pizza.  Its subtle heat really conveys joy and coziness at the same time!

Although the Italian Sausage is a solid Christmasy component on its own, the Incredible Holiday Wreath pizza is adorned with a number of lovely ingredients that play a supporting role to the savory Italian Sausage. Green peppers and red onions showcase the Christmas theme and give even more flavor to this pizza. On the bottom?  You guessed it- a mouth watering basil pesto sauce to add even a little more green and festivity.  After this pizza emerges from the oven, ornaments of fresh red tomatoes are added and a light sprinkle of oregano.

If you want to be the most popular person at your holiday event this year, the Incredible Holiday Wreath pizza is a no-brainer.

You can thank me later.

Ciao for now




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