Top 10 Reasons Why Fall is the Best Time to Consume Pizza



Yes, I know that the title of this post is kind of silly because EVERY season is the best season to consume pizza.  So I reserve the right to change my mind next season.  But for now, here are my top 10 reasons that Fall is most definitely, positively, without a doubt the best time to indulge in pizza.

  1. Baseball: What is better than watching the World Series on a cold dark evening while enjoying a piping hot gourmet pizza and a nice cold microbrew?  (Yes, I know what the answer is for all  you  Seattle Mariners fans out there.  It would be watching the Mariners in the World Series while enjoying a piping hot gourmet pizza and a nice cold microbrew.)
  2. Football: See my previous post
  3. Fall wind storms: I actually look forward to my power going out so that I have an excuse to order a pizza.
  4. Halloween: Who the heck wants to cook dinner on Halloween? Feed those little munchkins some nice warm pizza before they go out in the cold!
  5. The end of Daylight Savings: We gain a whole hour.  What better thing to do with that hour than consume pizza?  Duh.
  6. The kids are back in school (and on a schedule):  Cooking dinner for your family is great, but so is pizza night.  It is such a great tradition to have a weekly pizza night and great reason to give the oven (and the cook) a break.
  7. Pizza lifts your spirits when it is dark and gloomy: OK- so I have not found any big scientific studies to support pizza lifting your mood, but it works for me! Next time you are feeling a little down due to Seasonal Affective Disorder (or SAD), order a pizza and I DARE you to not feel happy!  * Disclaimer- it is highly inadvisable to try this with any of those low-cost mega pizza companies.  This unscientific happiness experiment really should only be tried with a high quality Garlic Jim’s Pizza.
  8. Fall is the season for parties: There are so many reasons to throw a party this time of year.  You have sporting events, Halloween, Homecoming and of course the ever popular apple cider pressing parties.  What? You don’t do that?  Well, get yourself some apples and order a pizza!
  9. It’s Big Jimmy Season:  Garlic Jim’s is once again featuring the Big Jimmy Pizza.  It is just amazing.  Part of me wishes this pizza was available all year long, but that would be like having Christmas every day.  It’s just something so wonderful to look forward to this time of year.
  10. It just feels right!  Yes, indeed.  When the days get shorter and it’s dark outside by dinnertime, it just feels oh-so-right to say, “Hey, want to order from Garlic Jim’s?”

So there you go, I’ve given you some good reasons to order a pizza.  You can thank me later.

And don’t forget I’m on the Twitter now.  So follow me @olive4gourmet  Tweet Tweet! #pizzaseason

Ciao for now!


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