Pavlov’s Pizza

BigJimmyLTOoct17IRISI’ve discussed before that I really enjoy sporting events for the opportunity to indulge in food.  I’m not sure how many years Garlic Jim’s has been selling the Big Jimmy Pizza during football season, but this is the year that the Pavlovian effect really took hold.

The first time I noticed this, I had just walked into a room where a football game was on the TV. Instantly, I was craving bacon.

The next day I was jogging past a high school where I saw I football fly through the air during practice.  At that moment I felt the strongest urge to eat cheese.

A few days later, while at the mall, I was browsing through the Team Store looking at football jerseys. Suddenly I found myself at the food court searching desperately for a Garlic Jim’s Pizza.  I don’t know how I got there, but I knew for sure that I needed a Big Jimmy Pizza- STAT!

Just as my cat bolts across the room at the very first sound of the cat food bag rustling, any mention of football turns my taste buds into full Big Jimmy Pizza mode.

This conditioned response has been studied and written about for many years and I’m sure that a trained psychologist could break me from this behavior.

But why would I want that?

The Big Jimmy Pizza is something of a masterpiece. As a backwards pizza eater, the first bite for me is the soft, chewy and flavorful dough that Garlic Jim’s is famous for.  The first taste of a Garlic Jim’s Hand Thrown crust immediately brings intense feelings of comfort and joy.  It  truly is the best pizza crust I have ever had. That crust however is just the beginning:  The next layer of the Big Jimmy is an astonishing Roasted Garlic Tomato sauce. I have a hard time describing this genious, but my mouth waters as I think about it.  The toppings are what really gives this pizza its name though. They are indeed big. It’s got salami, pepperoni and Italian sausage -and if you think that is meaty- top it off with bacon! But wait! This pizza is not just made of meat- it has the perfect amount of red onions and green peppers to compliment the hearty meat quartet.

This pizza is amazing, but be warned- it may alter your behavior.

But in a very good way.

Ciao for now



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