Ode to an Artichoke



If you’re a lady or a bloke,

it’s time to try an artichoke

The artichoke it seems these days,

can be prepared in many ways.

Many like to eat it steamed, tho’ many like to eat it fried.

But still there’s those who have never tried.

Go, on! Try it!-It is just a delight,

you’ll love it- you will! At the very first bite.

The artichoke is healthy too,

more fiber than prunes! Yes it’s true!

The Germans claim it’s great for your tummy,

all I know is that it is oh-so yummy.

But the best way to eat such beauties like these,

is on a crust with garlic, spinach and  cheese.

Throw in some olive oil, onions and basil,

and you have a masterpiece right on your table.

This pizza I speak of may cause you to cry,

it’s Jim’s one and only – Spinach Artichoke Pie.

Ciao for now






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