Say YES to Spinach this September



If you have never had Spinach on a pizza, this is the month to try it.

And if you haven’t been living under a rock for the last 10 years, you will have noticed that spinach has made a miraculous turn around in the last decade or so. As far as controversial foods go, spinach is right up their with broccoli, kale and the dreaded but lovable pineapple on pizza. 

Why was spinach so despised for so long? Yes, it is true that green vegetables seem to get the short end of the popularity list, but spinach seems to have been the worst of the worst for a long period of time.

My theory is all in the preparation. Many people associate spinach with the kind that comes out of a can that is a big blob of gunk sitting on your plate.  That plate that you stared at for hours and hours until your mom finally gave up and let you leave the table.

Today’s spinach is so much more than a can of slimy green goo.  It is beautiful fresh baby spinach leaves with a light dressing or the popular spinach dip.

But spinach on a pizza?

Trust me- it’s a beautiful thing. Garlic Jim’s uses Fresh Spinach, flavorful Artichoke Hearts, Red Onions, Fresh Basil and that famous Roasted Garlic all on top of a lovely olive oil base. It is absolutely exquisite. The Spinach Artichoke Pie is the real meaning of gourmet. All the flavors harmonize together to create goodness in every bite.

POTMeThor0917FINALSo, this September, say Yes to Spinach and say Yes to an amazing pizza. All month long and at a special price- there is no reason not to try!

Ciao for now


and P.S.  This pizza is so amazing that I have finally joined Twitter to tweet about it!  Follow me! @olive4gourmet






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