More Pineapple Problems?

source: www.bbc.com/news


As if pineapple did not have enough problems with all these Pineapple on Pizza haters that are free to roam the streets, there is more to be concerned about.

This weekend thousands and thousands of music fans will attend the Reading and Leeds festivals in England. It’s going to be a fun filled 4 days that includes a gazillion bands on  more than 10 different stages.

As with many large events, the festival organizers have banned things like fireworks and weapons.  At the Reading and Leeds festivals this year however, a more dangerous item has been identified.  Yep, you got it.  It’s our friend the pineapple.

Apparently, fans of the band Glass Animals love to carry around pineapples because of some lyrics?  Or something like that…..

The point is that pineapple is being singled out once again! Have you heard about Chili Peppers banned at a Red Hot Chili Pepper concert? Or Salt and Pepper shakers?  How about Meatloaf?  Ever heard about banning meatloaf sandwiches from a concert?  Or what about Bread?  I could go on but I will spare you.

Why is it that pineapple makes it such a contentious issue?

Is it that some are afraid of its magical powers?

Pineapple not only has a uniquely sweet and tart flavor that is irresistible, but it is healthy too! It’s packed with vitamin C, manganese, B- vitamins and fiber. It also contains something called Bromelain which contains enzymes that are great for your digestion.

But really it is just so delicious!

Especially on a pizza. Really.  If you don’t believe me, you have one week to try Garlic Jim’s special Pizza of the Month price for the Gourmet Hawaiian.  It is a truly tasty tropical treat. Trust me.

Ciao for now


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