Cheddar makes it better


This month Garlic Jim’s POTM is the Jim’s Smokin’ Sweet BBQ Chicken Pizza.  There are so many things that make this pizza wonderful and delicious, but I think the real kicker may be the addition of cheddar cheese. While fresh 100% mozzarella cheese normally does an excellent job of standing alone on a pizza, the Jim’s Smokin’ Sweet really adds some western flavor to this pizza.

What is it about even a hint of cheddar cheese that goes so good with BBQ?  Good question.  My scientific Olive answer is that that the tang of cheddar blends beautifully with the combination of sweet and smoky.  That comforting caramelized flavor of BBQ brings your taste buds happiness when all of a sudden the sharpness of cheddar steps in and makes an entrance.  Cheddar just shakes things up a bit. Kinda like on the ranch where life is never boring and delicate is a word that is not used much.

Yes. cheddar is bold enough to hang with Smokin’ Sweet Sauce, grilled chicken, red onions, peppers and bacon. All ingredients worthy of a good ol’ time on their own but when graced with the power of cheddar, something special happens.

Just so you know, cheddar is not some lightweight trendy cheese.  It has been a solid cheese superstar for centuries.  Lots of them.

Cheddar’s origination was in Somerset, England in the 12th century.  That’s a lot of cheddar history!  Fast forward to the 19th century when Joseph Harding, the “father of cheddar cheese” introduced equipment that made cheddar much easier to produce.  Thank you Father Cheddar!Joseph_Harding_Cheese_Maker
andrew jackson

Another fun historical fact about cheddar is that Andrew Jackson held a party at the White House where he served a 1400 pound block of cheese.  I bet that cost a few 20$ bills!

So, if you are wondering why cheddar tastes so good with so many things- especially BBQ and super especially Garlic Jim’s Smokin’ Sweet BBQ Chicken Pizza, it’s  because it’s a classic that has stood the test of time.  There is a reason that Cheddar was not some fad that faded into cheese history.  It is bold.  It is brave. And it is a wonderful companion.

You can’t ask much more that than of a cheese.

Ciao for now










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