Embrace your Tastes

WP_20170608_13_58_57_RichSo I went to this cool little restaurant in Walla Walla, Washington last week.  I honestly didn’t go because of the awesome name, but because I heard they had really great fresh food. And they did.

I heard an interesting conversation when I was standing in line that made me think about different levels of food enjoyment.

One guy who was standing in line behind me was telling his friend that this place was really good because they used food fresh from the farm that was local etc.. etc…   Then he went on to compare this place to a certain fast food establishment.  “You know,” he said with a very intelligent sounding tone, “(fast food place) uses microwaves and frozen products.”


You can’t compare a local farm fresh restaurant to a hamburger drive through joint.  It’s like comparing  macaroni & cheese to filet mignon.  They just aren’t in the same category. Each has its time and place. Sometimes I want to have a meal that I can pay for with the change between my car seats and sometimes I would like to spend a little more on a nice fresh meal to savor.  Sometimes I want to prop my feet up in front of a Seattle Mariners game on TV and eat macaroni & cheese and sometimes it’s nice to grill some really good quality steaks. All of these are wonderful and yummy in their own ways.  Just different ways.

The same goes with pizza.  You can’t compare Garlic Jim’s Famous Gourmet Pizza to any of the economy pizza places.  And you shouldn’t.  These places simply can’t deliver you a $6.99 pizza unless they are using mediocre ingredients and frozen cheese cut with less expensive “cheese product”.

And that’s ok.

Sometimes you just want something cheap and mundane.  There are times for that. I guess.

But if you want gourmet pizza made with fresh 100% whole milk mozzarella, fresh packed from the farm sauce and fresh made dough with tons of flavor then you order from Garlic Jim’s- of course.

I seem to have gone off on a tangent haven’t I?  Well let me finish my review of Olive restaurant: It was really delicious. I had a ginger-coconut-carrot soup that was out of this world and a turkey club with field greens that were undoubtedly picked that morning.

Two of my favorite girls were with me and ordered an Italian salami sandwich and a pulled pork sandwich.  They both raved about their meals and agreed that Olive was indeed a restaurant that receives 5 stars out of 5!

So just remember:

Know what you want and want what you know. Choose wisely and – enjoy your choice!

Ciao for now

Olive (the person, not the restaurant)


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