Meet you at the ranch!

I love all things ranchy. Acres of rolling hills, wagon wheels, tumbleweeds, horses, cows, campfires and of course- the food.

Sometimes however, I have a little conundrum while eating a juicy barbecued steak after just gazing at an adorable gentle cow peacefully munching on grass.

no cows were harmed (1)Well, this month we can all indulge in some of the tastiest BBQ I know while leaving all bovine guilt behind.

The Garlic Jim’s Smokin’ Sweet BBQ Chicken Pizza is barbecue perfection on a convenient and remarkably delicious soft and chewy crust. What really gets you in the ranch mood is Jim’s Smokin’ Sweet BBQ sauce.  It is sweet- but not too sweet, tangy- but not too tangy and most of all goes perfectly with the toppings it supports. The meat of the pizza, as I mentioned before is not beef, but top quality sliced chicken breast. Next up are the green peppers and red onions to really add flavor, texture and color. Then you have bacon. Bacon is a must on the ranch and a must on this pizza. Its savory goodness is just the obvious complement to that Smokin’ Sweet BBQ sauce.  In addition to the fresh 100% whole milk mozzarella cheese that Garlic Jim’s is famous for, Jim’s Smokin’ Sweet pizza has a sprinkling of cheddar- for just the right oomph.

So, get yourself settled in a rocking chair, kick off your cowboy boots and call for a delivery. The entire month of June this pizza will have a special Pizza of the Month price!

Yeeyaw and Ciao for now!







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