Happy Memorial Day!


WP_20170526_16_13_43_RichWell, the first official barbecue weekend is here and boy, do I love a good barbecue! 

When everything works out perfectly.

Isn’t it just kind of rotten  when you have had all of your meat marinating all day and when you go to fire up the grill it is out of gas?  No problem, just run to the store.

But then, when you get back you realize that you have left your beautiful marinated meat on the counter and the dog has consumed it by the time you have come back?  Well at least the dog had a nice dinner.

No problem, take out some hot dogs! What? No buns?  Hamburgers it is then.

Hamburgers on the grill and all is well.  Except you have to clean up the dog barf on the carpet after he ate the 6 pounds of raw meat.

OK. back to the hamburgers.  Which are now burnt.

Yes, that is all part of BBQ fun, but sometimes it’s just kind of nice to simply relax.  Call up Garlic Jim’s, tell them that you will be around back on a lounge chair.  (Don’t forget to tip the driver well- it is a holiday weekend after all!)

Whatever you do this weekend, please remember what Memorial Day is all about.

Remember the bravest of the brave who gave their lives to make our lives so sweet in this country.  Be grateful for all of the amazing freedoms that we are so lucky to enjoy.

Have a wonderful, relaxing and thankful Memorial Day!

Ciao for now!



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