Grow a Cashew Tree!

cashew treeDid you know that you can grow a cashew tree in your back yard, and that it is really easy to do?

Just Kidding.

It’s not easy at all. Unless you live in Africa, India or Southeast Asia. And you have soil that is rich with iron and aluminum and has a pH level of 5-6.5.  Oh, and never grow your cashew tree in clay rich soil because that will encourage water logging.

One more thing:  When you harvest your cashews, don’t forget that the cashew shell contains a corrosive sap that will cause horrible blisters if this shell is damaged.

But they sure look pretty cool while they are growing.  Right?

A much safer way to get your cashews (which are full of protein, potassium, and magnesium) is to eat them on a delicious pizza.

You better hurry though, because Garlic Jim’s Pizza of the Month- The Nutty Chipotle is only on super special for the rest of May.

Ciao for now!





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