Give your Mommy something special


Did you remember that Sunday is Mother’s day?  If you didn’t, now you know.

So, what do you  get for the woman who changed your diapers when you were a tiny baby and acted as a unpaid chauffer for at least 16 years?

I’ll tell you one thing- it does not have to be expensive.  Mom probably just wants to relax on Mother’s day, so getting dressed up to go to some fancy restaurant for brunch might not be what she really wants.

Maybe she would just like to sit around in her jammies all day long?  And maybe she would just like to eat some nice comforting takeout food?  And maybe she would like that comforting takeout food to be just a little yummier than your average takeout food?  And maybe she would like that yummy comforting take out food to be delivered to her door?

And maybe if you haven’t figured out yet what to get her I will give you a little hint.



So, now I have given you two valuable pieces of advice:  Sunday is Mother’s Day and make sure to buy her Garlic Jim’s Pizza.  And order it FOR her! OK?  Duh….

You can thank me later.

Happy Mother’s Day and Ciao for now!


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