Nuts for May

Asset 1May is such a wonderful time of year for critter interaction. I really love listening to all of the crickets and frogs and especially enjoy watching the squirrels zoom around up and down trees and darting here and there collecting food.  They just seem so excited about something and after thinking extensively about this, I figured out what it is.

It’s the Nutty Chipotle of course!

Anyone who is even a little nuts for nuts is going to love this pizza.

I think that it really has to be one of the coolest pizzas I have ever tasted- and I have tasted a lot. Trust me.

It is almost indescribable how amazing this pizza is, but I will try:  The base of Chipotle Pesto sauce is really the genius that  pulls this pizza together.  It is just spicy enough to perk up your taste buds but not too spicy that it overpowers its amazing flavors.  This zesty sauce is just so perfect for the perfectly picked toppings: Red onions, tomatoes, pepperoni and for a little more kick, Italian sausage.

Oh! Am I missing something?  Yes. This pizza rounds out its flavor bonanza with roasted cashews. Yes, that’s right. Nuts on a pizza- and the result is an amazing pizza eating experience.

And when you are thoroughly enjoying your Nutty Chipotle experience, remember that you do not need to hoard these away for the winter.  The good news is that this is a regular item on the Garlic Jim’s menu! But if you want to take advantage of a great price in May, you better hurry!



Ciao for now!




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