Give a Teacher a Break! (or a party)

Spring.  It’s such a lovely time of year.  Refreshing spring showers. Beautiful tulips. Sweet chirping birds. If you are a teacher however, spring might mean this:


child-with-painted-face-scratching-her-nose-My sister, Clementine, is a grade school music teacher. Last week after spending weeks picking out the perfect pair of new glasses, she posed this dangerous question to her 1st grade class:  “Hey kids! Do you notice anything different about me?”  The answer of course was, “Your hair is more gray!”  After Clementine tried desperately to convince them that it was just the lighting in the room, the kids just shrugged and continued to shove rhythm sticks in their ears.  Time for a more timely question: “Children, does anyone know why this isn’t a good idea?”

My niece Brie, is a middle school Spanish teacher. Middle schoolers of course are smarter than ANYONE else in the whole world.  So when Brie asked the question yesterday, “Rico is an adjective, so why does it change from rico to rica in the name Costa Rica?”  The aspiring comedian answers, “Because it’s feminist?” Badum-ching.  *Brie also reports that this time of year brings 76.5% more cases of essays turned in with invisible ink.

The point I am getting at here is that while the rest of us are tip toeing through the tulips and singing with the birdies, these poor teachers have to deal with a serious case of School Spring Fever by Proxy  or SSFP- a serious threat to sanity for millions of teachers everywhere. SSFP may cause symptoms such as putting your cereal in the refrigerator and your milk in the cupboard. Locking your keys in the car is a symptom of SSFP as is singing your order to the employee in the McDonald’s drive-thru (mostly in the case of music teachers.)

The good news is that Garlic Jim’s is giving away a pizza party in each state that contains a Garlic Jim’s store.  This coincides with National Pizza Party Day and will be chosen from the best reason for nomination.  So, nominate your favorite teacher right here– today!


While a pizza party may not cure 1st graders from being brutally honest or middle schoolers from being know-it-alls, a pizza party is beloved by all- teachers and students alike. (and don’t forget parents who don’t have to pack lunches!) So, the next time that you see a teacher who looks like they have been through the spin cycle, thank them for their hard work and consider a nomination for National Pizza Party Day!

Ciao for now!



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