Happy B-Day Mr. W!




To celebrate the birthday of  William Wordsworth, born April 7th, 1770,  I will now present you with a poem:

My heart was aching, but I knew not what for.

When, alas! I heard a small knock at the door.

Standing there smiling, was a dapper young man,

In his hands he was holding a box – colored tan.

In an instant I realized it wasn’t my heart,

An indeed needed organ,  just different the part.

That bodily ache was my stomach of course,

So hungry was I, that I could eat a big horse.

But the box was not filled with a horse, goodness no.

It was a piping hot pizza on heavenly dough.

The gentleman gave me this box of good smell,

As I took it in inside, I could certainly tell

That my dining this evening would be turning out well.

Grilled Chicken and Garlic, Red Onions and Cheese,

Sun Dried Tomatoes – certain to please.

Basil & Pesto – the sauce is so nice.

The time has now come, for a luxurious slice. 

If Wordsworth could have, just one Birthday wish,

It would be Jim’s Garlic Chicken -a pizza delish!


Today, celebrate the birthday of  a real poet and order the April Pizza of the Month. Poetry optional.

Ciao for now!













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