All Brackets Lead to Pizza


Wow! Today is the last day of March.  Do you know that that means?

Of course you do!  March 31st  means that tomorrow is April Fool’s Day, so make sure you start thinking about a great prank right now. I personally like the classics- short sheeting the bed and ketchup packets under the toilet seat, but here are some more great ideas if you are looking to make your friends and family hate you for a day.

Another reason that March 31st is significant this year is that it is that day before the Final Four.  (Go Zags!)  And sporting events mean what?  You know it.  Pizza.

Which brings me to the most important reason that March 31st must be recognized.  It is the last day of the Southwestern Chicken Pizza of the Month and the day before the  Jim’s Garlic Chicken Pizza of the Month.AprilPOTM2017

So, make sure you order the pizza that will make you beautiful– the Southwestern Chicken Pizza tonight and then tomorrow for your basketball party- the  Jim’s Garlic Chicken Pizza.

So, to repeat: Southwestern Chicken tonight and Jim’s Garlic Chicken tomorrow. This is no joke! And if you want to also serve soy sauce flavored cola or toothpaste Oreo’s by all means- go for it!

Ciao for now


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