To-Do Today: Calculate the area of your pepperoni

I have been a little hesitant to write about Pi Day which is celebrated today, March 14th, for two reasons:

First, the celebratory “days” are really starting to get out of hand. Case in point- yesterday was both National Coconut Torte Day AND National Earmuff Day. Second, I feel a little unqualified to discuss anything that has to do with math, as I have never been a very “mathy” gal  (“mathy” is in my own personal Olive Words dictionary so don’t bother to look it up). Case in point #2- I almost published this yesterday because I thought that Pi was 3.13.  I guess that explains my C in geometry.

Despite the above reasons to refrain from a gratuitous plug for a celebratory “day”, I feel that it is important to raise awareness for all those who feel that they need to eat a dessert type of pie today.

While apple pies, cherry pies and cream pies are certainly delicious, it’s  critical to remember that they aren’t your only option on Pi Day.

I would like to argue that a pizza pie is much more appropriate for Pi Day because not only is a pizza itself circular, but many toppings are as well.

So, please order yourself a pepperoni and olive pizza, get out your calculator and knock yourself out.

Ciao for now!




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