The Key Ingredient


Although I have been lately preaching the benefits of learning to Diversify your Pizza, every once in a while I am just in the mood for a plain old cheese pizza.  Now, while I do from time to time try different pizza establishments, trying a plain cheese pizza at many of the big institution pizza chains is really stepping into the danger zone.

Some claim that they use mozzarella, but when you actually read the fine print they are really using cheese made with mozzarella.  Some don’t even use enough mozzarella to be able to call their cheese mozzarella!  There are so many fillers and different less expensive cheeses that they must list the ingredient as “pizza cheese”.

When I want to really savor a good wholesome 100% mozzarella pizza, I will always order from Garlic Jim’s. They use cheese that is pure and made with whole milk.

From a cow.



Try it tonight for dinner.  Order a plain cheese pizza and savor the goodness that you get from 100% whole milk mozzarella.

Take a bite. Close your eyes.

You will swear you are living right next door to a dairy farm.  (Without the dairy farm aroma. Thank goodness.)

Ciao for now!











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