And the pizza goes to…….

oscarThis Sunday there is a special TV event that millions of arm chair movie reviewers  look forward to each year.  Yes, this would be the Oscars.  Four hours of beauty,  glitz, awkward moments, bad jokes, too much skin, too much makeup, foreign films you’ve never heard of and judgmental lectures from people who live their lives in a bubble.

That sounds kinda awful doesn’t it? So why do we all gather together every year to watch this?

To critique evening gowns- of course.

And….. It is a great opportunity to have a fancy party with lots of good food.

To have the proper Oscar night party it is important that you have the proper gourmet spread.  It’s a perfect night for some Gourmet Pizza from Garlic Jim’s Famous Gourmet Pizza. Wouldn’t you say?

Some appropriate  Oscar night pizza selections would be the Hercules, (1998 best Original Song nominee)  the Nutty Chipotle, (insert your own narrative here) and of course the Gourmet Garlic- which also happens to be the pizza of the month and a star in its own right.  This is one of the last days to get the special price so this a is a must on Sunday!

To make things extra special, serve your gourmet pizza on some lovely fine china (or lovely fake china) and offer champagne or sparkling cider. Also make sure that you talk in an uppity sort of voice and maybe wear something with sequins.

Whichever film you are rooting for to win best picture,(Batman vs. Superman was nominated – right?) and whoever you decide is the best or worst dressed, you will be watching in style if you serve gourmet pizza for your guests. (Even if your guests are just your own family…)

Indulge comfortably and  thank your lucky stars that you don’t have to be sitting in that hot auditorium in an uncomfortable tux or a dress that you can barely breathe in.

You can live the life of glam and glitz right there in your living room. Just make sure that you prepare an acceptance speech for the award winning dinner.

The Nutty Chipotle is the perfect pizza for a night of Hollyweirdness

Ciao for now!



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