**It’s National Pizza Day!**


Are you ready for National  Pizza Day?  I hope so. Because it’s TODAY!

Funny thing.  I received mail today and the banks were open.  How could this be?  Is National Pizza Day really not a federal holiday?

OK- I just checked U.S. Code Title 5, Part III, Subpart E, Chapter 61, Subchapter I,-6103.

Nope.  National Pizza Day is not a federal holiday.  Guess I’ll have to write the new guy a letter about this.

Well, regardless of federal holiday status, National Pizza Day is a day to celebrate!  How about throwing a pizza party tonight?  Invite the neighbor kids or the basketball team over and surprise them with pizza tonight!  No kids available?  No problem.  How about a nice early Valentine’s dinner?  Cabernet goes great with pepperoni. Spending the night alone?  Celebrate with a nice comforting cheesy pizza (and don’t forget a pint of Ben & Jerry’s- yes, you can get that at Garlic Jim’s.)

However you decide to celebrate, just make sure that you:

  1. Order a truly gourmet and satisfying pizza- Best bet is of course Garlic Jim’s.
  2. Don’t scarf it down.  Enjoy.   Every.   Bite.
  3. While you are eating and celebrating, count in your blessings that this wonderful food was invented.

What are you waiting for?

Spit Spot!  Get moving!  Time to make your plans for pizza jubilation!

Ciao for now!



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