Super Bowl in Style

So, I heard a little rumor that a football game is going to be played on Sunday? Since my  Seattle Seahawks are not going to be playing in this game, I am not really counting down the seconds until kickoff as in years past.

However, the big day is still salvageable due to goofy advertisements, the half time show and- of course- FOOD. One thing that you may or may not know about me is that every activity that I plan or attend has a main focus- and that focus is food.  If I am planning a vacation, I check the restaurants and  when I am enjoying that vacation, every daytomato-black-and-white revolves around eating. Do I like camping?  You bet- because its all about the meals.  Do I love hiking?  Of course!  That involves lunch at the top of the summit (even if that summit is a small hill in my neighborhood) and of course on the way back there is always a break for chocolate!artichoke

The Super Bowl, of course, is a very food heavy event for most people.  Unfortunately, so many times it involves a bowl of chips and cheap pizza from those cheap pizza guys.  Now, I understand that there is a time and a place for cheap pizza (frat parties?) but an event like the Super Bowl really should be time to show off your culinary style.  If you are like me, your culinary style often involves ordering out.

How agarlic-black-and-whitebout a little something with Sun Dried Tomatoes, Artichoke Hearts, Red Onions and Roasted Garlic?  How about adding a little Feta,  Mozzarella and some Basil Pesto?  How about carefully placing of that all on a tasty and crispy fresh baked crust?

You know where I am going with this don’t you?  You are SO smart!  Yes! It’s the Garlic Jim’s Pizza of the Month, the Gourmet Garlic!  I am so excited to impress my Super Bowl guests with this gourmet delicacy!  And will we be serving this beautiful creation with a cheap beer?  No way!  I’m thinking a New Belgium Fat Tire amber ale.  It’s just enough sweetness and slight bitter flavor should pair splendidly with the Gourmet Garlic. (OK – I’ll provide some Bud Lights for those who feel the need for an”authentic” football game beverage- whatever…..) 11x8-5_pom-01

So, join me this year in starting a new Super Bowl tradition. Not just lots of food, but lots of GOOD food- that you can brag about!

Enjoy the game and good luck to the Falcons or the Patriots. (I’ll pick one by Sunday- I promise)

Ciao for now!





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