What in the world is a POTM?

Next Wednesday, the first of February, Garlic Jim’s is getting its POTM on.

Its what?

Let me explain:

In a very important service to the general population, Garlic Jim’s is providing a chance for all to experience Pizza Diversity.  Pizza Of The Month, or POTM for those who love acronyms (it’s pronounced like “bottom”) is debuting in 5 short days.

Garlic Jim’s knows that while many of you just love pepperoni and know you can’t go wrong with a classic combo like the Garlic Jim’s Ultimate, there is just more to explore.

That is why they are willing to help you expand your horizons each month with the Pizza Of The Month. For the entire 28 days of February, the Gourmet Garlic pizza will be sold for 15.99.  Every day you can get this amazing Gourmet creation for a non-gourmet price.

There is something oh-so-right about the combination of artichoke hearts, roasted garlic, sun dried tomatoes, red onions and feta on Garlic Jim’s exquisite basil pesto sauce. This is a perfect choice for the POTM debut because it really is what Garlic Jim’s is all about- top quality ingredients that come together in a well thought out recipe.

I’m thinking that I will order a Gourmet Garlic every week in February.

I can’t wait!

Ciao for now!


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