Incorporate some tropics into the winter blahs

The holiday season is over.  Football season is over (at least for many of us- boo hoo ..) This is the time of year that many of us have issues with dark, cold and gloomy weather.  This is such a long stretch until the birds start chirping and the trees start to sprout first blooms.  Of course the best solution to this dilemma is to jet off to Hawaii.

wp_20161116_021 Ahhhhhhhhhhh.   I feel better already.  Don’t you?

OK. Back to reality.

Sometimes it just is not practical to take a big trip to the tropics, so what to do when weeks of cold rain brings gloomy days? You know when your cozy bed in the morning just seems like a more logical place to spend your day rather than being a productive member of society?

I have a solution.

Get yourself a nice beach blanket and spread it on the living room floor.  Get out the blender and mix up a nice tropical drink- with or without the booze- just make sure their is something such as coconut, mango, papaya or anything else that feels like the tropics to you.  Make sure you put it in a nice fancy glass with an umbrella. (If you don’t have a stash of little umbrellas, order some right now! It’s a necessity!)

OK- next step- and this is VERY important.  Contact Garlic Jim’s and order a Gourmet Hawaiian pizza.  This pizza will instantly transport you from gloominess to happiness. Garlic Jim’s signature amazing hand tossed crust is a beautiful vessel for vine ripened tomato sauce, savory Canadian bacon, fruity pineapple, almonds and- wait for it- coconut!  Trust me (and you can always trust Olive) this pizza will have you thinking that you are on a sandy beach somewhere.

Try placing your beach blanket near a heater vent and then close your eyes while you are biting into your pizza.  You will swear you are sitting under a palm tree feeling an ocean breeze.

Bye- Bye Winter Blahs!

Ciao for now!


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