It’s Blue Friday! What’s YOUR lucky pizza?

Lucdonuts-croppedwp_20170112_20_13_24_richky donuts- check.

Lucky socks- check.

Lucky earrings, lucky jacket, lucky hat- check, check, check.  I think that I have most everything needed for a Seattle Seahawks win on Saturday. Now if I could only remember what pizza I ate when we won this round of the playoffs last time!

Think.    Think.    Think.

OK- I’m pretty sure that it was a Garlic Jim’s Hercules.  That makes sense because I’m pretty sure that the LOB (Legion of Boom- defensive backs) must eat the Garlic Jim’s Hercules before destroying the opposition.  It just makes sense. There are six meats on this powerhouse of a pizza:  Super Salami, Powerful Pepperoni, Conquering Canadian Bacon, Brawny Beef, Stalwart Spicy _mg_0017Italian Sausage and Burly Bacon.

So, duh…..  Hercules it is. I think we are in good shape.

Go Hawks!   Grrrrrrrrr!

(So, it just occurred to me that not EVERYONE is a Seattle Seahawks fan. WhatEVER…Please feel free to choose a lucky pizza for your chosen team- I guess…)

Ciao for now!


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