Squished Kaepernick =Happy 12s and Pizza Too!

wp_20150109_001-2Well the Seattle Seahawks had to play the San Francisco 49ers yesterday before they could start concentrating on the playoffs starting next week and things looked a little dicey at times.  I’ll give them a pass though, because my favorite Seahawk has a broken wing.  Get well fast Lockett!!

Anyways, the good news is that we sacked Mr. K. and his decorative arms five times! Good job D! And particularly Frank Clark, who I hadn’t really known about but he seems like quite an upstanding lad after watching an interview with him.  PLUS, he has an amazing name. Frank Clark just oozes coolness!

OK- it’s also good news that we won the game.  That’s important.  Do you know what else is important?  Free Pizza!  Because the Seahawks had over 3 sacks, everyone around these parts gets a free Garlic Jim’s pizza today!  Check out the website for details!

It’s pizza night in the Olive household.  Go Hawks!

Ciao for now!


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