New Year’s Resolution: Diversify your Pizza

This yeaWP_20160101_001r make a New Year’s Resolution to expand your pizza horizons.  Yes, pepperoni is amazing and a plain cheese pizza never offends, but how about a little diversity?

There are zillions of different delicious combinations of pizza components.  Why not make a goal to try as many as you can in 2017? If you keep all of your pizzas in one basket, that basket might still be tasty, but it will also be pretty boring.

How about the Garlic Jim’s Nutty Chipotle?  This pizza guarantees to wake you up if you are a touch groggy from last night’s festivities. How does “zesty chipotle pesto” sound?  Well, to me it sounds like a party waiting to happen. The toppings on the Nutty Chipotle are the perfect blend of spicy Italian sausage, pepperoni, red onions and tomatoes.  One last ingredient- wait for it- CASHEWS!  Yes indeed, that is what makes the Chipotle nutty!cashew2

Happy New Year to all and here’s to a more interesting palate in 2017!

Ciao for now!


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