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Oh Boy! It’s that time of year!

Shaker-Sign-Big-Jimmy-32x24Ahhh, September! So many things to love about this month! So many opportunities for a Gourmet Day. Beautiful scenery, cool crisp weather, and of course bountiful food as this is, of course, harvest time.  Today I will just focus on one September activity that some people may not associate with the word Gourmet- but you better believe that Olive sure does! Football. In particular Seahawks football. Of course, those who know me well know that my first September sports choice would be baseball and the Seattle Mariners heading towards the playoffs, but alas, it looks like it was not meant to be this year- so GO HAWKS!  Fair weather fan?  Maybe….

OK- back to food.  Most people associate football with cheap beer and hot wings and not with the word Gourmet.  I would like to argue that if you are truly savoring that cheap beer, than it IS indeed Gourmet! I will be reviewing some great microbrews in future posts, but today I will be discussing the granddaddy of all football food.  PIZZA!

My favorite pizza place, Garlic Jim’s has just introduced what might be the perfect football pizza that is both hefty and sophisticated at the same time. It’s called the Big Jimmy and it is out for a limited time, although I hope they will keep it on the menu for good! What makes this pizza nearly indescribably delicious is the Roasted Garlic Tomato sauce that all of the yummy toppings sit atop. Some genius over at Garlic Jim’s decided to mix the perfect blend of their super fresh tomato sauce with smooth and flavorful garlic basil sauce.  The combination is refined and absolutely perfect for this pizza. Another genius move (and gutsy, I might add) is to combine this sophisticated sauce with big bold toppings such as salami, bacon, spicy Italian sausage and of course Garlic Jim’s famous pepperoni. Red onions and green peppers round this pizza out to make it truly a hearty meal for even the most hungry football fans.  Oh, and did I mention extra mozzarella cheese?  Well now I did.

Tomorrow around half time I will be hopefully enjoying a big Seahawks lead, but if not, I will be enjoying a slice or two (or three) of the Garlic Jim’s new Big Jimmy pizza. Good food and football.  September I love you!

Ciao for now!


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