Oh, Those Gourmet Summer Days!


Well it had to end sometime, didn’t it?

Here in Seattle we had quite a summer. Quite a different summer than we are used to around here. So many 90 degree days that we lost track, and long pants or long sleeves?  Forget about it! As I sit here and look out the window at the mess in my yard after the huge windstorm last Saturday, I am thinking about the things that made this summer so sweet. One Gourmet Day that sticks out was when the temperature was hovering around 90 and my family had a birthday to celebrate in Bellingham which is about 2 hours from our home.

I thought that the birthday girl really NEEDED an ice cream cake for her 19th birthday, so I devised a clever cooler-like contraption to keep the Mocha Fudge ice cream cake sort of frozen until we arrived at our destination.  Of course the destination had not been solidified  yet so 2 hours turned into 3 as we all texted and called back and forth  to decide on the best place for our little celebration. We landed at Boulevard Park in the Fairhaven District of Bellingham. As the Mocha Fudge cake was certainly turning into Mocha Fudge milkshake, we all found each other and then proceeded to find the perfect place to plop down and have some sandwiches and rapidly melting cake.

“Hurry!” I ordered, “Eat those sandwiches! Chop! Chop!” I barked. I furiously passed out soggy croissant sandwiches and a bag of Cheetos as the ice cream cake was surely dying. As soon as I thought that all of my family members had enough sufficient real food, I unveiled the beautiful melted mess out of my sort of cooler. It took 3 of us to lift the sloppy cake out of the “cooler” and present it to the birthday girl.  Someone in our family even found a  plastic knife to cut the cake and the Mocha Fudge was soon plated and ready to devour. Somebody yelled “Quick! Pass me a fork! Or a spoon!”

Forks and spoons we did not have.  Why would we have such a thing? We were eating ice cream, for goodness sakes! So, we did what anyone would do in such a situation- we ate ice cream with plastic knives of course! After eating the messy ice cream, all of the cousins played a rousing game of ultimate Frisbee in a lovely grassy area in the park.

Some may  say that a sloppy melted ice cream cake is not a very gourmet birthday, but I would disagree and so would everyone involved including the 19 year old birthday girl.

Eating ice cream cake with a plastic knife, playing Frisbee next to the beautiful Bellingham Bay and millions of laughs = A Gourmet Day.   No doubt about it.

Ciao for now!


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