Happy Memorial Day!


WP_20170526_16_13_43_RichWell, the first official barbecue weekend is here and boy, do I love a good barbecue! 

When everything works out perfectly.

Isn’t it just kind of rotten  when you have had all of your meat marinating all day and when you go to fire up the grill it is out of gas?  No problem, just run to the store.

But then, when you get back you realize that you have left your beautiful marinated meat on the counter and the dog has consumed it by the time you have come back?  Well at least the dog had a nice dinner.

No problem, take out some hot dogs! What? No buns?  Hamburgers it is then.

Hamburgers on the grill and all is well.  Except you have to clean up the dog barf on the carpet after he ate the 6 pounds of raw meat.

OK. back to the hamburgers.  Which are now burnt.

Yes, that is all part of BBQ fun, but sometimes it’s just kind of nice to simply relax.  Call up Garlic Jim’s, tell them that you will be around back on a lounge chair.  (Don’t forget to tip the driver well- it is a holiday weekend after all!)

Whatever you do this weekend, please remember what Memorial Day is all about.

Remember the bravest of the brave who gave their lives to make our lives so sweet in this country.  Be grateful for all of the amazing freedoms that we are so lucky to enjoy.

Have a wonderful, relaxing and thankful Memorial Day!

Ciao for now!




Grow a Cashew Tree!

cashew treeDid you know that you can grow a cashew tree in your back yard, and that it is really easy to do?

Just Kidding.

It’s not easy at all. Unless you live in Africa, India or Southeast Asia. And you have soil that is rich with iron and aluminum and has a pH level of 5-6.5.  Oh, and never grow your cashew tree in clay rich soil because that will encourage water logging.

One more thing:  When you harvest your cashews, don’t forget that the cashew shell contains a corrosive sap that will cause horrible blisters if this shell is damaged.

But they sure look pretty cool while they are growing.  Right?

A much safer way to get your cashews (which are full of protein, potassium, and magnesium) is to eat them on a delicious pizza.

You better hurry though, because Garlic Jim’s Pizza of the Month- The Nutty Chipotle is only on super special for the rest of May.

Ciao for now!






Give your Mommy something special


Did you remember that Sunday is Mother’s day?  If you didn’t, now you know.

So, what do you  get for the woman who changed your diapers when you were a tiny baby and acted as a unpaid chauffer for at least 16 years?

I’ll tell you one thing- it does not have to be expensive.  Mom probably just wants to relax on Mother’s day, so getting dressed up to go to some fancy restaurant for brunch might not be what she really wants.

Maybe she would just like to sit around in her jammies all day long?  And maybe she would just like to eat some nice comforting takeout food?  And maybe she would like that comforting takeout food to be just a little yummier than your average takeout food?  And maybe she would like that yummy comforting take out food to be delivered to her door?

And maybe if you haven’t figured out yet what to get her I will give you a little hint.



So, now I have given you two valuable pieces of advice:  Sunday is Mother’s Day and make sure to buy her Garlic Jim’s Pizza.  And order it FOR her! OK?  Duh….

You can thank me later.

Happy Mother’s Day and Ciao for now!



Nuts for May

Asset 1May is such a wonderful time of year for critter interaction. I really love listening to all of the crickets and frogs and especially enjoy watching the squirrels zoom around up and down trees and darting here and there collecting food.  They just seem so excited about something and after thinking extensively about this, I figured out what it is.

It’s the Nutty Chipotle of course!

Anyone who is even a little nuts for nuts is going to love this pizza.

I think that it really has to be one of the coolest pizzas I have ever tasted- and I have tasted a lot. Trust me.

It is almost indescribable how amazing this pizza is, but I will try:  The base of Chipotle Pesto sauce is really the genius that  pulls this pizza together.  It is just spicy enough to perk up your taste buds but not too spicy that it overpowers its amazing flavors.  This zesty sauce is just so perfect for the perfectly picked toppings: Red onions, tomatoes, pepperoni and for a little more kick, Italian sausage.

Oh! Am I missing something?  Yes. This pizza rounds out its flavor bonanza with roasted cashews. Yes, that’s right. Nuts on a pizza- and the result is an amazing pizza eating experience.

And when you are thoroughly enjoying your Nutty Chipotle experience, remember that you do not need to hoard these away for the winter.  The good news is that this is a regular item on the Garlic Jim’s menu! But if you want to take advantage of a great price in May, you better hurry!



Ciao for now!





Give a Teacher a Break! (or a party)

Spring.  It’s such a lovely time of year.  Refreshing spring showers. Beautiful tulips. Sweet chirping birds. If you are a teacher however, spring might mean this:


child-with-painted-face-scratching-her-nose-My sister, Clementine, is a grade school music teacher. Last week after spending weeks picking out the perfect pair of new glasses, she posed this dangerous question to her 1st grade class:  “Hey kids! Do you notice anything different about me?”  The answer of course was, “Your hair is more gray!”  After Clementine tried desperately to convince them that it was just the lighting in the room, the kids just shrugged and continued to shove rhythm sticks in their ears.  Time for a more timely question: “Children, does anyone know why this isn’t a good idea?”

My niece Brie, is a middle school Spanish teacher. Middle schoolers of course are smarter than ANYONE else in the whole world.  So when Brie asked the question yesterday, “Rico is an adjective, so why does it change from rico to rica in the name Costa Rica?”  The aspiring comedian answers, “Because it’s feminist?” Badum-ching.  *Brie also reports that this time of year brings 76.5% more cases of essays turned in with invisible ink.

The point I am getting at here is that while the rest of us are tip toeing through the tulips and singing with the birdies, these poor teachers have to deal with a serious case of School Spring Fever by Proxy  or SSFP- a serious threat to sanity for millions of teachers everywhere. SSFP may cause symptoms such as putting your cereal in the refrigerator and your milk in the cupboard. Locking your keys in the car is a symptom of SSFP as is singing your order to the employee in the McDonald’s drive-thru (mostly in the case of music teachers.)

The good news is that Garlic Jim’s is giving away a pizza party in each state that contains a Garlic Jim’s store.  This coincides with National Pizza Party Day and will be chosen from the best reason for nomination.  So, nominate your favorite teacher right here– today!


While a pizza party may not cure 1st graders from being brutally honest or middle schoolers from being know-it-alls, a pizza party is beloved by all- teachers and students alike. (and don’t forget parents who don’t have to pack lunches!) So, the next time that you see a teacher who looks like they have been through the spin cycle, thank them for their hard work and consider a nomination for National Pizza Party Day!

Ciao for now!




The magical powers of garlic


Haven’t talked about the amazing properties of garlic for a while, so I thought today was as good as any.

For thousands of years, garlic has been used for everything from food to magic potions. Way (way, way) before pharmaceutical companies of the modern age had a chance to patent this miracle food, Hippocrates was prescribing garlic for everything under the sun.

And also way before the Russians got booted out of the Olympics for performance enhancing drugs, athletes in Ancient Greece were given garlic to enhance their athletic performances.

Is it all a myth?  Is garlic really good for you?

Uh…. yes it’s really good for you!

Many modern studies have been done that show very strong evidence that garlic is a powerful immune system booster.  Of course the multi- gazillion dollar cold and flu industry would rather you didn’t know this. Cold and flu prevention that not only works but tastes delicious? Yep.  Garlic is pretty much a magical food.

Studies have also shown that garlic can reduce blood pressure and lowers risk of heart disease and so much more!

So, knowing all this, how on earth should we add more garlic to our diets?  Hmmm.     Think. Think. Think.

OH! I know! The Garlic AprilPOTM2017Jim’s  Garlic Chicken Pizza!  That’s a great idea!

Only 9 more days for to get the super special price!

Here’s to your health!

Ciao for now!



Happy B-Day Mr. W!




To celebrate the birthday of  William Wordsworth, born April 7th, 1770,  I will now present you with a poem:

My heart was aching, but I knew not what for.

When, alas! I heard a small knock at the door.

Standing there smiling, was a dapper young man,

In his hands he was holding a box – colored tan.

In an instant I realized it wasn’t my heart,

An indeed needed organ,  just different the part.

That bodily ache was my stomach of course,

So hungry was I, that I could eat a big horse.

But the box was not filled with a horse, goodness no.

It was a piping hot pizza on heavenly dough.

The gentleman gave me this box of good smell,

As I took it in inside, I could certainly tell

That my dining this evening would be turning out well.

Grilled Chicken and Garlic, Red Onions and Cheese,

Sun Dried Tomatoes – certain to please.

Basil & Pesto – the sauce is so nice.

The time has now come, for a luxurious slice. 

If Wordsworth could have, just one Birthday wish,

It would be Jim’s Garlic Chicken -a pizza delish!


Today, celebrate the birthday of  a real poet and order the April Pizza of the Month. Poetry optional.

Ciao for now!