Can a pizza make you beautiful?



Beauty.  We are all looking for it.

We also are looking for painless ways to be beautiful. But gosh darn it, it is just such a drag eating well, exercising and wearing sunscreen.

Don’t you wish you could just eat a magical bean that can make you radiant?  Well you are in luck because this month’s POTM (Pizza of the Month) contains that magical bean.  Yes, black beans have magical beauty powers.  Read on.

Black beans, also called turtle beans, have so many good-for-you nutrients. Protein, iron, potassium and more.  But the most exciting component of a black bean is sometOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAhing called anthocyanin. This is an antioxidant that is great for your complexion and many other things including… cognition. Yes! Beauty AND Brains!

Unconfirmed studies have shown that eating these magical black beans along with cheese, chipotle sauce, chicken, onions, corn and tomatoes and crunchy tortilla chips will make you happy as well.

Who knew that all you had to do to be beautiful, smart and happy was to eat a Garlic Jim’s Southwestern Chicken Pizza?

Well, now you know.  Enjoy. And hurry! Only 8 more days to get the extra special Pizza of the Month price!

Ciao for now!





Corned Beef and…

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.4-leaf-clover

I’m going to skip all the fun Irish sayings and other Irish festivity and go straight to the food.

I know that it is a tradition to eat corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick’s Day, but while some of us love corned beef, I am willing to bet that their are many out there like myself who aren’t too excited about the cooked cabbage part.  I have to admit that I am really enjoying raw cabbage lately in salads ect…, but the cooked version just doesn’t make the cut for me.

So, what do you eat with your corned beef if you aren’t a big fan of the traditional cabbage? Yep.  It’s pizza of course.

So, here’s what you do:

  1. If you haven’t done so yet, get that corned beef in the crockpot -pronto!  Remember fat side up!  If you don’t have a crockpot, here are some other options– just ignore the cabbage part.
  2. When you have less than an hour left to cook, order a Garlic Jim’s Famous Gourmet Pizza. I would recommend cheese or perhaps cheese and veggies.  Or maybe a Gourmet Garlic with it’s delicious pesto sauce to really get into green.
  3. If you are lucky enough to be in a delivery area that delivers beer, order a few with your pizza. Garlic Jim’s in Vancouver  WA, stocks Deschutes Brewery Black Butte Porter, which will taste fabulous with corned beef and pizza. However they also deliver Bud Light which, in my opinion is perfect for green food coloring!


Ciao for now!  (And may the luck of the Irish be with you)





To-Do Today: Calculate the area of your pepperoni

I have been a little hesitant to write about Pi Day which is celebrated today, March 14th, for two reasons:

First, the celebratory “days” are really starting to get out of hand. Case in point- yesterday was both National Coconut Torte Day AND National Earmuff Day. Second, I feel a little unqualified to discuss anything that has to do with math, as I have never been a very “mathy” gal  (“mathy” is in my own personal Olive Words dictionary so don’t bother to look it up). Case in point #2- I almost published this yesterday because I thought that Pi was 3.13.  I guess that explains my C in geometry.

Despite the above reasons to refrain from a gratuitous plug for a celebratory “day”, I feel that it is important to raise awareness for all those who feel that they need to eat a dessert type of pie today.

While apple pies, cherry pies and cream pies are certainly delicious, it’s  critical to remember that they aren’t your only option on Pi Day.

I would like to argue that a pizza pie is much more appropriate for Pi Day because not only is a pizza itself circular, but many toppings are as well.

So, please order yourself a pepperoni and olive pizza, get out your calculator and knock yourself out.

Ciao for now!





The Key Ingredient


Although I have been lately preaching the benefits of learning to Diversify your Pizza, every once in a while I am just in the mood for a plain old cheese pizza.  Now, while I do from time to time try different pizza establishments, trying a plain cheese pizza at many of the big institution pizza chains is really stepping into the danger zone.

Some claim that they use mozzarella, but when you actually read the fine print they are really using cheese made with mozzarella.  Some don’t even use enough mozzarella to be able to call their cheese mozzarella!  There are so many fillers and different less expensive cheeses that they must list the ingredient as “pizza cheese”.

When I want to really savor a good wholesome 100% mozzarella pizza, I will always order from Garlic Jim’s. They use cheese that is pure and made with whole milk.

From a cow.



Try it tonight for dinner.  Order a plain cheese pizza and savor the goodness that you get from 100% whole milk mozzarella.

Take a bite. Close your eyes.

You will swear you are living right next door to a dairy farm.  (Without the dairy farm aroma. Thank goodness.)

Ciao for now!












This March, indulge in some Southwestern warmth

potmsocialmediamarch2017Howdy partners.

Just arrived back to the cold and damp northwest after a quick trip to the nice and warm Lone Star State. Texas is such a great place: Great weather, great people and of course, great food.  Two of the must-try cuisines when in Texas are BBQ and any type of Mexican or Tex-Mex.

While I absolutely love a good plate of ribs, pulled pork, beans and potato salad; Mexican food with all of its different flavors and spices is the most fun for trying different dishes and restaurants. A favorite flavor to savor for many  is the chipotle pepper. Chipotle peppers have become very popular lately, but some people do not know that a chipotle pepper is actually a jalapeno that has been dried and smoked. There is something so incredibly comforting about that smoky and spicy flavor that always leaves me feeling warm and fuzzy after the first bite of foods containing chipotle.

So… you can imagine my happiness when arriving back in the drizzly Pacific Northwest, that the Garlic Jim’s March Pizza of the Month was the Southwestern Chicken! This pizza is indeed comforting – its base starts with Garlic  Jim’s signature fluffy hand tossed buttermilk dough with a layer of chipotle pesto sauce that is just downright amazing: It’s a bold blend of sweet dried tomatoes, chipotle peppers, cilantro, herbs, spices and olive oil. I can’t even write this without my mouth watering!


Next are the perfectly planned toppings designed to transport you to the Southwest. Tender chicken strips, black beans, red onions and corn with a sprinkling of cheddar cheese along with that luscious 100% whole milk mozzarella that Garlic Jim’s is famous for.  At the very  top sits colorful and crunchy tortilla strips.  The combination of these perfect ingredients is sheer southwestern delight.

This pizza is going to warm your heart!  Try it all month for a special price!

Ciao for now!





And the pizza goes to…….

oscarThis Sunday there is a special TV event that millions of arm chair movie reviewers  look forward to each year.  Yes, this would be the Oscars.  Four hours of beauty,  glitz, awkward moments, bad jokes, too much skin, too much makeup, foreign films you’ve never heard of and judgmental lectures from people who live their lives in a bubble.

That sounds kinda awful doesn’t it? So why do we all gather together every year to watch this?

To critique evening gowns- of course.

And….. It is a great opportunity to have a fancy party with lots of good food.

To have the proper Oscar night party it is important that you have the proper gourmet spread.  It’s a perfect night for some Gourmet Pizza from Garlic Jim’s Famous Gourmet Pizza. Wouldn’t you say?

Some appropriate  Oscar night pizza selections would be the Hercules, (1998 best Original Song nominee)  the Nutty Chipotle, (insert your own narrative here) and of course the Gourmet Garlic- which also happens to be the pizza of the month and a star in its own right.  This is one of the last days to get the special price so this a is a must on Sunday!

To make things extra special, serve your gourmet pizza on some lovely fine china (or lovely fake china) and offer champagne or sparkling cider. Also make sure that you talk in an uppity sort of voice and maybe wear something with sequins.

Whichever film you are rooting for to win best picture,(Batman vs. Superman was nominated – right?) and whoever you decide is the best or worst dressed, you will be watching in style if you serve gourmet pizza for your guests. (Even if your guests are just your own family…)

Indulge comfortably and  thank your lucky stars that you don’t have to be sitting in that hot auditorium in an uncomfortable tux or a dress that you can barely breathe in.

You can live the life of glam and glitz right there in your living room. Just make sure that you prepare an acceptance speech for the award winning dinner.

The Nutty Chipotle is the perfect pizza for a night of Hollyweirdness

Ciao for now!




Random Acts of Pizza

Today is random acts of kindness day.


This special day has been gaining popularity for about two decades  now and is really just a great idea for all of humanity. I don’t think that I need to go into detail to explain what it is because it is pretty self explanatory.

There are millions of ways to randomly act kind, but I sort of think that pizza kindness is one of the best. Therefore, my following list of random acts will involve pizza.  Here you go:

  1. Knock on the door of a complete stranger and hand them a large pepperoni pizza.
  2. Drive through the McDonald’s drive-through and hand the employee a pizza after they have handed you your bag of hamburgers and fries.
  3. Stop by the fire station and feed the hungry firefighters. (You may need a few pizzas for this one.)
  4. How about a nice hot pizza for the first homeless family that you see today?
  5. Take a pizza on a city bus, open the box and yell, “dig in!”
  6. Show up at a random high school class with a pizza delivery. ( Make sure that you say “Mr. Spicoli has been kind enough to bring us a snack.”)
  7. Pull up next to a car at a stop light and hand the driver a pizza.
  8. Drive past a bus stop and hand those hungry kids a pizza.
  9. Show up at your doctors appointment with a pizza for the staff.
  10. Stop by your local food bank and give a pizza to the volunteers.
  11. Give the meanest person you know a pizza. True kindness isn’t always easy.

Whatever you do, try to be as random as possible as this element of surprise really warms the heart!

And finally, if you are truly looking to be kind, don’t just give out cheapo fake cheese pizza. Show your kindness with a Garlic Jim’s Famous Gourmet pizza. Only the best for a special day!

Ciao for now